........https://www.qrz.com/db/F6EUQ............................https://www.qrz.com/db/VE2EK .................https://www.qrz.com/db/9Q1EK.................... https://www.qrz.com/db/ZS1II

Friday, December 25, 2020

QO-100 13cm Inter Digital Filter

 I have a  NMRF 2450MHz Band-pass Filter Central frequency: 2450 MHz for WiFi.
and I found loss:
2.400 Ghz = 5.2dB , 2.409 Ghz = 4.7dB.

I have also couple of WI-FI around me near 2.450 Ghz and this BPF is is not effective..
So I'm not satisfied with the BPF NMRF 2450, I tried to made a new one on 2,4 Ghz for QO-100.

Several months ago I built 23cm Inter digital filter  for 1296.2Mhz with succes (0,85dB loss)
But with my homemade new 13cm BPF,  I have about 2.7dB Loss between 2.400 to 2.409. Not really satisfied again, I have to start experimenting again.

(Inspired by DD1US, DL3NQ and VK3UM  Inter Digital Filter Design) 



Thursday, December 24, 2020

#3 DATV QO-100 project

Heavy damage to my dish due to violent and strong winds on the hill.

The dish suffering, it needs repairs and reinforcement after the lull. 

Today, Repairing. Use of large washers and galvanized wire ties. It seems to be solid! we'll see next time!

I took the opportunity to check that the feed Poty / LNB are in the axis and in the center of the dish. Results, Hey No, not on the center. So I use the old method used many years ago. A pipe installed and blocked on the feed attachment. Perfect now! Next Wednesday, re-installation of the dish.

Gain and Beamwitdh of my prime focus 

 Distance from my house in St Helena Bay, South Africa to Es'hail-2 is 35,780.55 km.

                          some countries contacted in CW/SSB. soon in DATV....

Saturday, October 31, 2020

# Es'Hail 2 - QO 100 Part 2 DATV Project

DATV QO-100 project
18 July 2020

Finally, After long time, I found, collected a 2m satellite dish for my TV transmissions on QO-100 satellite. Today, restoration of the mesh, painting. It remains to tinker the support for the dual feed 10 GHz / 2.4 GHz.

12 October 2020
Pole in the concrete,  Today, small work to build antenna arms and support for helix feed. (reduced to 3 turns) and put the helix into waterproof box. (PVC pipe).

21 october 2020
Installation of the 2m dish. Pointing is not very easy. First tests in CW and SSB was conducted with Bird ad hoc elements.(431-17 , 432-15 , 433-37).
Finally 2w is too strong, Leila is not happy. 500 mw seems OK in SSB.(same level of the beacon). Next step, DATV PA but waiting components.

31 october 2020
For another test, I Built 2nd POTY feed. New adjustable frame support finished. But too much wind on the hill. I have to strengthen the support of the 2m dish ... with arms at the bottom of the pipe.

And Construction of new 13cm filter.
Soon, tests…



Transceiver, Up converter, Down converter are stabilized with 10 Mhz OCXO VECTRON 718Y3811 (Adjustable in frequency), powered by 13VDC.

After some tests with a GPSDO, I found such a good result with these OCXOs. Easily found on eBay and much cheaper.


Saturday, April 4, 2020

# Es'Hail 2 - QO 100 Part 1

QO-100 version 1 - May 2019
SSB Mode, DX patrol- PA 3w output – offset dish 80cm. Helix 4 turns HOMEMADE  – LNB octagon.
QO-100 version 2- November 2019,
SSB mode, Homemade GPSDO 10 Mhz - Homemade Cavity Pass band filter - Homemade RF power Amplifier  /10W – Circulator ANATECH AM2200-2500 25W-  Homemade Dual band feed – Offset Dish 80cm.  - 5,5W OUTPUT
QO-100 version 3 - January 2020,
SSB mode, DX patrol, 5,5w - offset dish 80cm, Dual Feed Homemade  – Down converter Kuhne.

Project Version 4: add the DATV Mode.
On the bench during containment.
-    DC Power supply 12/28v ready.
-    Up converter, waiting for couple of parts for mods of the Adalm Pluto.
-    RF power amplifier 100w , waiting for coaxial relays.
-    DATV receiver Minitioune V2 ready.
-    2,4m prime focus dish for TX.
-    80 cm offset dish for RX.
UPDATED on time.. TNX

 2, RF OUT POWER. 5 W in SSB  and 70W in DATV
15 April 2020
I don't like at all the equipments in plastic boxes, especially with RF around ... so !!
During the lockdown and while waiting from express courier for the parts to modify the Pluto, today boxed the Adalm Pluto from a cutted box for external hard drive.
Remains to be done ...
2) TCXO. change by a better new one 0.2 ppm, or put to QRP coaxial and connect to an SMA socket to inject 40 MHz reference frequency.
3) ???? SEE IF NECESSARY Add a PTT switch on the Pluto board with an optocoupler.
4) Add heatsinks on IC’s (Raspberry-4 heatsink kit)
5) Expanding the original frequency range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz.
30 April 2020.
Today, some measurements on the 2.4 GHz UP converter starting from the Adalm Pluto .. before checking the entire amplification chain with my small Windfreak SynthNV.
As can be seen the maximum output power of my unit is + 2.98 dBm, say 3. The manufacturer says + 7dBm Max, so I should be in the average ...???

Friday, February 28, 2020

Digital Microscope new gadget

This is exactly the device I needed to solder my SMS components. For a few years I used a pair of Binocular Headband Magnifier, but it gave me headaches and seasickness  HI. I just tested it with a small fan 10 x 10 cm, 12 VDC  under 8V on the side for the fumes,. So now perfect!

Mustool® G600 Digital Portable 1-600X 3.6MP Microscope Continuous Magnifier with 4.3inch HD LCD Display