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Friday, September 7, 2007


in 9Q land

QRN level on the s/meter
Sound files from RA6AX ( 9Q1EK on 160m)


I'd started the 160m, January 21, 2007 with the help of Philippe 9Q1TB for the installation of a L inverted antenna.
In our place, it is not easy to install some antennas. Especially for 160m .
All my antennas dipoles are fixed on the neighbor's wall on telescopics mast.
With a space of 4m available x 8m for the car parking.

For the inverted L !!!! What adventure !! It was necessary to see the neighbor and to ask the authorization to be going to put over his home a small wire for esthetic… After several discussions we finally could conduct the installation.

On this day I’ve a total for about 340 QSO, but achieved in an indescribable "hell."

21 january 2007 to 23 April 2007: 50 DXCC contacted

Every day the QRN is at 59 +. The best that I could heard was 57 since the month of January.
The first month, the stations wonder if I was deaf or what?
It is not easy to manage a pile up without discipline in this hell. It is very discouraging.

I heard that it is called also the "gentlemen's band". a mistake ???

Believe me, I failed to make QSY very often, I am not masochist, but too much HAM friends need to contact 9Q land on this band. For this reason that I tried to pursue again the activity during the time or the propagation goes well from Africa.
With a station as ICOM IC756PROIII + 500W and the L antenna , it is small..
I will like to be able to install a rhombic, a double K9AY or a magnetic loop. But not possible here…
Therefore here in Kinshasa since January 21, 2007,

for me the .....


I am going in the next days to send a couple of few CQ on the "Magic band" while hoping to have some openings….. And more of calmness hi!! And will NOT be the "TRAGIC BAND", hi

Picture of 160m inverted L antenna , near homemade 50 Mhz aerial: 3el yagi and vertical 3/4 lambda.