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Monday, October 9, 2006


1) VE2EK/5H - United Nations (UNHCR) in June 1994 - Ngara Tanzania- for Rwanda Burundi emergencies operations. (My first difficult and sad Telecom mission with UNHCR)
Tanzania is giving shelter to 255,000 refugees in Benaco camp, 98,000 in Lumasi and 30.000 in Musuhura. Zaire harbors around 600,000 refugees in the areas around Goma in Kahindo, Katale, Kibumba, Kituku and Mugunga camps. An estimated 140,000 refugees reside around Bukavu in Chimanga, Hongo, Kaléhe, Kashusha, Kamianola camps. Most refugees are Hutu.

Ngara, Tanzania, our base camp.
showers and toilets
The restaurant
Me and Philippe Lamair Journalist reporter RTBF in front of my tent.
My Ham station on my bed. (Yaesu FT840)
On the road inside Benaco refugees camp.
Benaco, Tanzania -Refugees camp
July 1994 - Karagwe, tanzania, guard, Brian Radio Op from UK  and me near my car..
Thousands and thousands of orphans. Sad period.

Construction of the new office @ Ngara, I just install my logper antenna and tests with UNHCR HQ Geneva.
2) VE2EK/TG - Sept 1995 - Guatemala UN mission with ACNUR

My shack north of Guatemala, near Mexican border
My delta loop with Icom tuner AT-120
Tikal Guatemala

3) VE2EK/HH - HAITI - United Nations (UNHCR) in October 1995
Port au Prince, Montana Hotel, my shack, Icom 700, FT840 Yaesu and keyer ETM3
Port au Prince, Eiffel market
4) VE2EK/XE - Mexico Nov 1995 - UN mission with ACNUR
(Alto Comisionado de las Naciones Unidas para los Refugiados)
En route to the base camp with radio equipment .. telescopic mast too long .. exceeded by the rear window.
Radio station HF (phone, pactor) VHF FM repeater.
The camp base
Only this energy !
5) VE2EK/3X - Dec 1995 - Guinea UN mission with UNHCR
@ Conakry - Kissidougou - N’zérékoré -  Gueckedou- Forecariah.

UNHCR Convoy