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Saturday, April 4, 2020

# Es'Hail 2 - QO 100 UPDATE

QO-100 version 1 - May 2019
SSB Mode, DX patrol- PA 3w output – offset dish 80cm. Helix 4 turns HOMEMADE  – LNB octagon.
QO-100 version 2- November 2019,
SSB mode, Homemade GPSDO 10 Mhz - Homemade Cavity Pass band filter - Homemade RF power Amplifier  /10W – Circulator ANATECH AM2200-2500 25W-  Homemade Dual band feed – Offset Dish 80cm.  - 5,5W OUTPUT
QO-100 version 3 - January 2020,
SSB mode, DX patrol, 5,5w - offset dish 80cm, Dual Feed Homemade  – Down converter Kuhne.

Project Version 4: add the DATV Mode.
On the bench during containment.
-    DC Power supply 12/28v ready.
-    Up converter, waiting for couple of parts for mods of the Adalm Pluto.
-    RF power amplifier 100w , waiting for coaxial relays.
-    DATV receiver Minitioune V2 ready.
-    2,4m prime focus dish for TX.
-    80 cm offset dish for RX.
UPDATED on time.. TNX

 2, RF OUT POWER. 5 W in SSB  and 70W in DATV
15 April 2020
I don't like at all the equipments in plastic boxes, especially with RF around ... so !!
During the lockdown and while waiting from express courier for the parts to modify the Pluto, today boxed the Adalm Pluto from a cutted box for external hard drive.
Remains to be done ...
2) TCXO. change by a better new one 0.2 ppm, or put to QRP coaxial and connect to an SMA socket to inject 40 MHz reference frequency.
3) ???? SEE IF NECESSARY Add a PTT switch on the Pluto board with an optocoupler.
4) Add heatsinks on IC’s (Raspberry-4 heatsink kit)
5) Expanding the original frequency range from 70 MHz up to 6 GHz.
30 April 2020.
Today, some measurements on the 2.4 GHz UP converter starting from the Adalm Pluto .. before checking the entire amplification chain with my small Windfreak SynthNV.
As can be seen the maximum output power of my unit is + 2.98 dBm, say 3. The manufacturer says + 7dBm Max, so I should be in the average ...???

Friday, February 28, 2020

Digital Microscope new gadget

This is exactly the device I needed to solder my SMS components. For a few years I used a pair of Binocular Headband Magnifier, but it gave me headaches and seasickness  HI. I just tested it with a small fan 10 x 10 cm, 12 VDC  under 8V on the side for the fumes,. So now perfect!

Mustool® G600 Digital Portable 1-600X 3.6MP Microscope Continuous Magnifier with 4.3inch HD LCD Display

Saturday, June 22, 2019

Es’hail 2 / QO-100

Today, construction, calibration helix antenna for contact up Link 2.4 GHz with the geostationary Amateur Radio satellite Es'hail 2 / QO-100 .

Well pleased, my Helix antenna homemade have a Forward reflection = -42 dBm
Return loss = -42 dBm
VSWR = 1.016 /1
Reflection coefficient = 0.008

Unless an error on my part, I calculate the helix like this:
Dish : diameter (mm): 730 x 800
focal distance (mm): 530
F/D Ratio: 0.64
f/D x10 = turns. Offset f/D 0.6.  =  6 turns

So OK for service.. Soon ready for contacts.Preparation / setting up, up converter DX patrol 432Mhz / 2.4 GHz / PA 4 w / OCXO 10 Mhz / Circulator / bandpass filter.
Down Link 10 Ghz good reception with dish ofset 70 cm /  Modified LNB PLL twin Octagon  Green HQ / SDR RSP2 / Software SDR Play 3.09.

 On the bench.
Preparation / setting up, up converter DX patrol 432Mhz / 2.4 GHz / PA 4 w / OCXO 10 Mhz / Circulator / bandpass filter.
Will see...
 Updated on time ......see U. 73

later this night.. retuning a bandpass filter for QO-100
Very sharp !

26 June 2019
Boxed finished (UP converter 432 Mhz / 2.4 Ghz + Amplifier 4 w)  installed near the dish.Next step, Due to the drift of the LNB despite it is with a  PLL, (the frequency is not enough stable), I must build  a 25 Mhz TCX0 controlled by my10 Mhz GPS.

 Problems with my Hélix.
Do not laugh! Now, during the winter, too much rain  and it disturbs the performance of my Helix antenna.
In the emergency, I installed temporarily this protection .. Now it's safe.
But. not satisfied. built a waterproof new one 
remains to put the LNB
                                                                     Ready ...
  Since 26 july 2019. All equipment are inside a waterproof box. Only 10m of 2 Coax cables to the shack for TRX Icom 910H (RG225/U)  and SDR play , (RG6/U).

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Tower project

On the way for the construction of my tower.
Height: 15m – Base square section of 65 x 65 cm
Last year 2017, I finished the construction of my freestanding tower of 15m.
(The trolley is also on the way).
Finally, this week, I was finally able to finish the construction of the chair that will go into the concrete.
The formwork is 1.5m X 1.5m X 1.7m. - 90cm of earth and 60cm of rock made with the jackhammer!! And 20cm of formwork wood), about 6500 kg of concrete.
Fixation of the base plate in the concrete with 8 rods of 26mm diameter, length 1,4m.
Fixation of the tower on the base plate with 13 rods of 20mm diameter.
In case of very big wind!! (Sometime 80/90 km/h) 4 x 3m supports will be attached to the concrete diagonally at the 4 corners of the tower and 4 concrete blocks are provided for guying if necessary. It will should not move ...Hi
Today, 23/11, the concrete is finished. This project progressing slowly but surely.
(soon I'll add some pics of the trolley)

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

New Satellites antennas Setup

Sweat to make the antennas .. Finally, Ready to chasing satellites. 1st tests conclusive on 2m/70cm.. 23cm later !
2m cross Yagi and the helix gave me a lot of mods, settings and mechanics, finally it's over!
Seems to work fine. Contacted easily couple of satellites. 1st longs distances was on AO-7 mode B with:
- PT2AP grid square GH51JO at 6822 km. 06 April 2018
- PY2LN, grid square GG66PK at 6326 km. 20 May 2108

Will see to add somes preamp. and connect to test the 23cm yagi's soon.