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Thursday, November 30, 2006



I like the valve tube ......
@ 9Q1EK Station, CX family.... 4CX350 - 4CX1500 - 3CX3000 - 4CX15000

At the first of my Ham world it was really not easy to find components to build equipment.
As tubes, transformers, meters, CV’s coils, and lot of small spares parts absolutely needed for the construction. Many time I have modified, rebuilt more and more transformer for HV, filament heating, bias….., built CV’s, coils, rebuilt, calibrate meter’, etc….
So it was very funny! Despite dangerous problems with HV or others miscellaneous bad luck…
At the end of the construction, and when it was tuned, the extreme satisfaction was immeasurable!

***** I remember about a strange story ;-) happened in 1993… Further more of 10 month, I built my own EME station for 432 MHz.
It was done with homemade station as well as a transverter 28/432 MHz, Power amplifier 3X 2C39BA, 2 X 22el long yagi (DL6WU design), preamplifier (Dubus design), coaxial relay (Dubus design), and splitter (Dubus design).
I had installed my EME station outside the QRA like portable station in my compound.
So, near midnight, feverishly and anxious….when I heard my own CW signal with about 1s delay reception time and when I said a couple minutes after “Hello the moon”, I heard my voice, I was like a crazy monkey and I jumped around the station on the grass to shout “It’s work ! It’s work!”
My wife was afraid for short time Hi, Hi!!!

For the fun, the moon tracking was………(please don’t laugh) ;-) an aluminium pipe, 3 meter length between the 2 yagi’s……..to see the moon through this !!!!
Unfortunately, I don’t make a lot of EME QSO, because my career was turn on the better way in Telecom, broadcast network in Canada, more often around the world and had not enough time to built or be quiet for QSO…
It is one of more unbelievable souvenir!

807: Used in 1971 for HF TX
QQE 06/40 used in 1977 for VHF amp. (Drived with Icom IC202)
4-250 used in 1980 for HF amplifier (2 tubes)
QB4 1100 used in 1983 HF amplifier (2 tubes)
4CX250 used in 1985/6 for VHF/UHF amplifier (1 tube) and 1993 (2 tubes).
2C39BA used in 1986/7 for UHF amplifier (3 tubes), SHF cavity amplifier (1 tube).
3CX3000A7 used in 1992 for HF amplifier.
TH308 used in 1992 for SHF cavity amplifier

8877 used 2006 for VHF Amplifier
8938 used 2006 for UHF Amplifier

Tubes I played with:
4CX5000A  14MHZ HF Amplifier converted to ham bands.
4CX15000A7  10KW HF Amplifier MARCONI H1140
4CX20000A   20 KW HF Transmitter/amplifier ELCOR SW-20K
4CX25000A   25KW HF Transmitter/amplifier ELCOR SW-25K
4CX35000A   50KW HF Transmitter/amplifier ELCOR SW-50K