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Thursday, June 27, 2013

600w 23cm LDMOS Amplifier

July 08,2013: Amplifier done ! 
Tested power-handling @ 600W CW for 5mn with no prob.

Parts used:
Kit I0JXX Pallet  200MOD1296 50V amplifier (old model).
PA DB6NT 3/50W
Innovative Power Products: Dual directional coupler - RF Terminations - 90 Degree Hybrid Couplers
W6PQL: PA controller - High Current FT switch - Hybrid Couplers
Coaxial relays NARDA and Dow-key
Fans ebmpapst 4114H - 2x285 m3/h  on TX mode and 2x100 m3/h in RX mode.
Connectors: Anderson powerpoles, XLR, RCA, N, SMA.
Old reconditioned dial meter and shielded.
And small parts (Addison/Active Montréal, eBay).

July 04,2013: On the way!

June 23-2013: Following my first tests with 23cm JXX palettes Amps
I did not want to stay on a failure! after several modifications and work on this amplifier, the final version will be this one. Remains only finalized and put it in a box.
Drived by 3/50w PA. The need for each palett is about 10 to 12 watts.

The transistors are

MRF6V13250HR3, 1300 MHz, 250 W, 50 V.

However, the only changes have been made in these circuits were the tuning of the Input for mini SWR and Output for maximum power. More of that,I tried with different type of hybrid couplers (W6PQL and IPP).
 it succeed or fall apart!  -->Maximum reached  Input: 4W - Output: 680W<--

73 Georges