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Thursday, April 6, 2006

Starting as Ham, First CW QSO

_._. __._ _._. __._
Part I : my first CW QSO
Part II : My first call sign: F6EUQ
PART III : my second call sign: VE2EK (always in use), and VE2 field days contests.
PART IV : 9Q’s activities, 9Q various pictures, and my 9Q callsign.
PART V : ZS1II my other callsign (always in use).
PART VI : My baby’s.
Part VII : Amateur, homemade constructions.
_._. __._ _._. __._
1975 until today, I had great support from Patrick F6IRF, Patrick F6HYE, Gerard F5JBP, Jean Pierre F6BIG, Bruno F6CRN, Eric F6HJK, Roland VE2PX, Pierre VE2AH, Jacques VE2IY, Gaetan VE2GCG, Andre VE2KAR, Dany VE2ZC, Philippe F5LTB, Vee ZS6ZEN,
and many, many other’s friends, Ham and not Ham.
Sorry, if I have not mentioned their name’s.
During couple of years, I was CW teacher for Ham exam in France and Canada. Sometimes, I receive QSL or during cw QSO’s with the ex students that are today “ON AIR” , they said “TNX for cw, 73 QRO”

Today, I remember and I say again , “Thank you to all for your friendship, and your HAM SPIRIT”.

I would like to say also that, since 1971 until today, I have a great fun and proud to be involve in the Ham radio world.

CW the first chat on line
06 february 1970,
My first QSO in CW ...
with J38 morse key !!
call sign FK8KAA from New caledonia.
Station was:
RX: AME 7G - 1680, RR10 A
TX : homemade with VFO Geloso and 807 tube for final
antenna : LW (160 m) , and multi dipoles.

I got my first license in 1975 call sign : F6EUQ

Location was near the Mont Blanc, in French Alps in Annecy (Haute Savoie).
In 1975 my first Station was:
Homemade: Heathkit HW101- Keyer, Dummy load, 12 VDC Power supply, HF SWRmeter.....

and Later  1977
HF: TS180S kENWOOD - TS830 - Homemade PA 2xQB4/1100
VHF : IC202 - IC402 - Transverter 1,2 Ghz, VHF3UHF Homemade PA 2x4CX250 , 2X2C39BA
Self supporting Tower 25m-
My first 3el antenna (TH3MK3 donated by F6CRN).

I was and also today the virus of the CW, I've made a lot of contest with a lot of fun.
My car plate
I got in 1991
VE2 license (VE2EK).
My daugther Aline got a licence in 1995 VE2MNS.
Station was :
IC751A -IC271- IC471,transverter 1,2 Ghz.
HF : Homemade PA, 2x3500Z, 3CX3000A
VHF/UHF: Homemade PA, 2X4CX250
SHF: Homemade PA TH308.

Further many QSY in the world, I was:
3X/VE2EK - 5X/VE2EK- 9Q/VE2EK -

Today : VE2EK - 9Q1EK - ZS1II
UN’s activities in TN with F6CRN
Some pictures of 9Q…
Only QSL Project !!!!!!

New Flag of Democratic Republic of Congo
In 2002, I had discovered the
South Africa for holidays.
Marvelous country.
Finally, I had set down my bag, morse Keyer, TRx in CAPE TOWN (Kaapstad)
Call sign: ZS1II
SARL Member

My baby’s, Aurélie and Aline.
(Montréal, Mont Royal Avenue, October 2006)
Aline, (VE2MNS) born in 1977.
"Senior Designer Art Graphic"

"Art Director Animation" - "Project Manager Animation" - "Senior Animator"
for UBISOFT Canada Entertainment SA.
Last project « Star War episode III » as Lead Animator.


"Teacher" for NAD (Numeric Art Design) centre Montreal, Canada.

NAD info: Following studies in the Arts and Animated Cartoon production, Aline Schleger worked in the industry on several animated television series before getting interested in video games. After holding a few Artistic Director positions including one on game title Star Wars – Revenge of the Sith, she now devotes her time at Ubisoft pushing forward the quality of the animation on the Splinter Cell licence. Aline is also active in the game development community as well as in related industries calling for artists.


Aurélie, born in 1987.
Aurélie is today on training at R.A.C. (Recording Arts Canada).

Sound and Music Recording Digital Media.
She has an impressive passion for the music, sound studio. She is DJ during spare time around the Quebec with herself company, and wants to be next year, Sound Broadcast Engineer.

Aurelie in 2004, bedroom studio....

Aurelie during DJ show !
I’m very proud of my two daughters. I love you my baby’s.